Whether your organization is just starting to implement ERM, or your ERM program has been functioning for several years, the comprehensive risk management services provided by Kestrel Hawk Consulting are based on recognized Best Practices. Kestrel Hawk Consulting is ready to assist your organization develop and mature your ERM program in three key areas.


From designing and implementing an ERM program to ongoing analysis and maturity assessment, Kestrel Hawk Consulting provides a complete solution.

• Obtain commitment, full engagement, and support of senior management and governing board - set the “tone at the top”
• Tailor the ERM program to best meet the institution’s unique needs and environment, using a best practice model as a framework
• ERM Policy Development and Risk Governance structure
• Integrating risk management into organizational governance and decision making


We'll point out key indicators for both internal and external risks and show you what to look for by integrating risk management into your decision making processes.

• Creating risk appetite statements
• Risk identification, assessment and reporting
• Risk Assessment workshops
• Integrated risk architecture development
• Creating the Risk Register and Risk Portfolio
• Key risk indicators for internal and external risk environment


Kestrel Hawk Consulting offers risk management seminars, workshops, surveys, benchmarking studies and research products to keep you ahead of the curve.

• Executive coaching for Chief Risk Officers and heads of risk management function
• Risk management seminars and workshops
• ERM Practitioners Guide
• Surveys, benchmarking studies, and research products

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