Who We Are

Kestrel Hawk Consulting is a risk management consultancy dedicated to helping government, private sector and non-profit organizations manage increasingly complex and uncertain operating environments.  We strive to grow our business by working collaboratively with our clients to implement and mature risk management programs tailored to the unique needs and values of their organization. Our emphasis on developing foundationally strong risk management programs that balance near-term objectives and long-range success enhances the value we provide our clients, and increases the value they deliver to the people they serve.

The President’s BIO

Ken Fletcher is the President and CEO of Kestrel Hawk Consulting Inc., which he founded in 2017 following a long and distinguished career as a military officer, corporate manager, and federal government executive. With this range of experience, combined with a Six Sigma certification and deep understanding of risk management principles, Ken brings a unique set of skills to his approach to risk management.  Most recently, Ken served as the Chief Risk Officer at the Transportation Security Administration, where he led the development and implementation of an Enterprise Risk Management program recognized as one of the best across the federal government.  The success of this program led to Ken participating in a cross-government working group that wrote the federal government guidelines for Enterprise Risk Management issued in 2016 by the Office of Management and Budget. …

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Our Philosophy

Our approach is to deliver value-based consulting services using a collaborative approach that results in risk management programs tailored to the needs of our clients.  Incorporating proven risk management concepts, we help create foundationally strong risk management programs that support decision integration to ensure a balance between near-term goals with strategic objectives to ensure the program is sustainable for the long-term.

What is ERM?

At its most basic level risk is simply the effect of uncertainty on objectives, and managing risk is an essential business activity for organizations of all sizes.  Enterprise Risk Management (“ERM”) is a structured and consistent strategic business discipline that supports organizations identify and manage risks that can impede or enable their success.  ERM is a continuous process that involves identifying, assessing, deciding on responses to, and reporting on opportunities and threats that can affect the achievement of an organizations goals and objectives.  This approach encompasses all areas of organizational exposure to risk, and prioritizes and manages that exposure as an interrelated risk portfolio, and considers this portfolio in the context of the internal and external environments in which the organization functions.

Rather than viewing all risk as negative, ERM helps organizations take a balanced and enterprise‐wide approach and decide the best response strategy helping leaders throughout the organization considering both upside risk (opportunities) and downside risk (potential losses or damage), and understanding risk and opportunity in the context of strategic objectives.  The value of ERM includes:

  • Supports the achievement of strategic objectives
  • Enhances institutional decision‐making for strategic planning, strategy execution, and budgeting
  • Creates a “risk‐aware” culture across the organization
  • Reduces operational surprises and losses
  • Prepares the organization to act on acceptable opportunities
  • Assures greater business continuity
  • Improves deployment of capital by aligning risk and resources with strategic objectives
  • Bridges departmental silos; develops a center of excellence for managing risk; and draws on the expertise of highly skilled individual managers


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