Risk Management & Strategy Consulting to Government

The environment in which government agencies operate is increasingly uncertain and interdependent. To successfully fulfill their missions, government agencies must have a robust risk management capability that supports identifying, analyzing, appropriately responding to, and monitoring the key internal and external threats and opportunities confronting the organization. Kestrel Hawk Consulting is dedicated to assisting government agencies manage these key risks which can impede or enable the agency in achieving their strategic goals and objectives.


We Help You Improve Performance By Managing Risk

Kestrel Hawk Consulting provides an array of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and strategy consulting services to Federal Government organizations. Government agencies are resource constrained and challenged with focusing their limited resources to deliver value to the American people through their programs and services.  Key to effective resource planning and allocation, and performance is an understanding of the key risk – both threats and opportunities – that could enable or inhibit the agency in executing their mission. Our ERM and strategy related service offerings include:

  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Risk Management
  • Training & Development
  • Strategy & Integration



Enterprise Risk Managment

From designing and implementing an ERM program framework through ongoing ERM program maturity and risk culture assessments, Kestrel Hawk Consulting provides a complete solution for government agencies.


Risk Management

Whether its developing key risk indicators, developing risk appetite statements, establishing risk tolerance triggers for key performance indicators, or identifying and analyzing key internal and external risks to your organization, Kestrel Hawk Consulting provides the expertise needed to help government agencies manage their risks to maximize the value provided to the individuals they serve,


Training & Development

The right risk culture is essential for organization to balance near-term objective and long-range success, and training and development is foundational to developing and sustaining an organization’s risk culture. Kestrel Hawk Consulting provides management seminars, workshops, surveys, and training development and delivery tailored to the unique needs of the organization.


Strategy & Integration

ERM adds the most value to government agencies when fully integrated with strategic planning, performance management, internal controls, and other risk management initiatives. Kestrel Hawk Consulting provides the expertise and perspective needed to help government agencies fully integrate ERM program to enhance their abilities to manage key threats and opportunities.

Mission Statement

To provide high quality consulting services to help organizations improve performance and achieve their strategic objectives through implementing Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) programs.

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